Lyric of the moment...
And now the trade is done
The clone is spun
And the girl is mine


To the official web site of the Sad Fantastic.

What is… who arethe Sad Fantastic?

The Sad Fantastic is a musical circus formed around songwriter-producer David Noble, combining huge hooks and imaginative stories into crafted pop-scapes at times best described as “fairy tales for adults.”

Smart, catchy, but not light. Warm and endearing, yet wrapped in a biting undertow.  Pop music juxtapositions, not unlike the name.  But don't take our word for it — dive in and give a listen for yourself.

The 'orchestra in their basement'

With their new album 13 Houses and accompanying EP Sea Sides, the Sad Fantastic burst onto the scene, debuting a collection of stories-to-music.  19+ pop gems destined to get deep under your skin and worm their way into your heart.  Artful and independent. Delivering the sad — and the fantastic.

TSF Roadmap:

So step inside the project. Listen to what makes the Sad Fantastic.